Quality is the foundation of our company and is fully embedded in our purpose and values. Pandora chemicals products and brands are trusted and chosen by millions of people all over the world to fulfill their water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs, at every moment of the day and across their lifetime.

This trust is based upon our quality image and our reputation for consistently delivering high- quality products. Inspired by the PASSION of our founder Washington Mapfumo, who saw a better way – maintaining our environments through proper chemistry , and creating ways to reduce your consumption of resources; help you lessen your environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency and effectiveness, improving productivity and protecting your business brand through our chemicals, this trust must be maintained and enhanced day after day.

Every product on the shelf, every service and every contact has helped to shape this trust. A Pandora chemicals brand name on a product or a service is a promise that it is safe, that it complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that it constantly meets our high standards of Quality. At Pandora chemicals, we are involved in and dedicated to achieving high Quality standards for our products and services through the application of the Pandora Management System (PMS) for Quality & SHE (Safety, Health & Environment). Fully aligned PMS for Quality & SHE is implemented across our organization and verified by independent third party certification bodies. To sustainably create value and to effectively and efficiently build trust, Pandora chemicals:

  1. Guarantees product safety and full compliance by respecting our policies, principles and standards with full transparency.

  2. Ensures and enhances preference and consistency to delight individuals and corporates by valuing what they value and by offering products and services that always meet or exceed their expectations

  3. Strives for zero defects and no waste by constantly looking for opportunities to apply our continuous improvement approach to deliver competitive advantage

  4. Engages everybody’s commitment across our complete value chain and at all levels of our organization to build the Pandora Quality mind-set.